The Breakfast Club

SCENE: 7:06am in the Shermer High School Library. 
SET: 1985.

It wasn't just a film, it was a lesson. The Breakfast club teaches you how five students with nothing in common at 7:06am, changed by 4pm, where the five students not only became friends but understood the world they live in. 

John Bender, a recluse with his family, never excepted, doesn't understand anything going on around him...well he doesn't really care about anyone else. He teaches everyone that there is more to his 'criminal' self, he's just a boy stuck. 

Andrew Clark, a wrestler, pushed to be the star, pushed to be a man, ruins someone else to make his father proud, a father who's only goal is to make his son look good. He teaches everyone that even the coolest kid feels pain and disappointment. 

Brian Johnson, academic, needs all straight A's, his mum doesn't understand the pressure, doesn't get that one A, misunderstood. He teaches everyone that even the brainiest kids can fail, even the brainiest kids can want to quit for good. 

"Basket Case" 
Allison Reynolds, seen to everyone as crazy, the weird girl who doesn't talk, she wants to run away, she's given up on life as a whole. She teaches everyone that she is weird, and that's ok, but all she wants is to be excepted. 
Basket Case. 
Claire Standish, Shermer High wouldn't run without her, everything she wants- she gets, she can't be seen to fail, she must succeed, setting trends, setting her own rules. She teaches everyone that even the most glamourous of them all suffers. 


Virginity is the most asked question of all, "have you done it?" "haven't you done it?.
As Allison says, "Well, if you say you haven't, you're a prude. If you say you have you're a slut. It's a trap. You want to but you can't, and when you do you wish you didn't, right?"  

    Brain stoned. 
Bender escapes the library to get marijuana out of his locker, only to find the five of them get stoned. This leads to   them to be freely speaking, revealing their deepest secrets. Andrew hates his father, Bender has come from an abusive household, John has attempted suicide, Allison is a compulsive liar and Claire, she's a virgin. 

From 7:06am they all despised each other. 
By Bender commenting on Claire's weight. And everyone making fun of Brian been involved in academic clubs- all of their individual flaws vanish and become a distant memory. 

Claire, the girl who cannot stop making her status higher decides to give Allison a makeover. 
    Allison before.
    Allison after. 

They bonded. They understood each other. They listened to each other. When the principal asked them to write an essay about who they were, non of them knew, non of them knew at the end of the eight hour period of been in detention.They are only just at the beginning of finding who they are, but they all had status at Helmer High, and THAT, is who they are...  

Brian wrote a little something ...

"Does that answer your question? Sincerely yours, the Breakfast Club" 




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