Monday, 13 July 2015

My TV show obsession...

Reality TV Shows:  




These last TV shows contain things such as comedy and drama. They are all feel good shows:

My top 3 TV shows of all time are:

These are not all the shows I watch or have watched but they are ones that I am currently watching or have watched recently!
...I know, I watch way to many TV shows. 


Saturday, 9 May 2015

Revision was the plan but then Matt Bomer happened...

Other than been incredibly busy with school, I have done the same old thing and have no excuse for not doing a blogpost!

But...that doesn't mean I haven't got things to share.
Instead of doing a review of each thing I have loved over the past few months (since around March), I thought I would share it with you with just by a little sentence and what it is. So here goes...

Bates Motel: This has been a love of mine for a long time! The second season has recently aired and it's better than ever! 

White Collar: Even though I've been revising, it doesn't mean I haven't been having a good break from it. It just so happens that my distraction is beautiful and action filled.

The Returned US: I have heard that the original aired on Channel 4, but Netflix have aired the US version of it! It's quite exciting because I have no idea what the UK one was like! It's very creepy but very thrilling!

L'OREAL True Match: This foundation has honestly been a new found love of mine! It's unbelievably light for a full coverage foundation! It blends very well and a little goes a long way. There are SO many colour options too, which means you have an option of a pinkier toned foundation, rather than a yellow toned one if that is what suits your skin. 
L'OREAL Illuminating Primer/Base: This is actually one of the best primers/bases I have ever used! I love my Mac Prep+Prime but this is definitely on par with it! The only thing with this L'OREAL illuminating base is that it is definitely a base more than a primer. But it brightens the skin, it is thick enough to actually see your skin illuminated and the packaging is beautiful!
L'OREAL Lumi Concealer: This...this is unbelievable. It is a dupe of the YSL Touche Eclat for sure and the packaging is even on par with it too! It is thin, brightening and even has a good coverage considering I have it in the lightest shade for under the eyes!

These two scarves have been a staple in my wardrobe for a while! They are both Mulberry and they are SO soft! The colours are perfect for all seasons! They are thick but not thick enough so I can't wear one with a leather jacket in spring/summer! 

Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk: This lip liner is one of the best high end lipliners I have bought. It is creamy,  pigmented and long lasting! The colour complements every lipstick/lipgloss I own and it's versatile for every outfit!

Origins GinZing: This light weight scrub is amazing! It's has the perfect size exfoliating balls and it's truly brightening! It smells delightful and is brilliant for a morning scrub! I use it every morning and it has really made a difference to my skin care routine!

Christian Louboutin Nail Polish: I got this as one of my birthday presents from my dad and step mum and it is so cool! The packaging is cool in itself and the bottle is surprisingly lightweight! The nail polish itself is thick and easy to apply, despite the long spike which makes you think it's hard to apply. It's durable as well which proves spending extra isn't always as bad as you think!


Sunday, 15 February 2015

The Riot Club

It's hard to believe that there are people like this in the world.

I felt a sense of jealousy at the beginning of this movie. There is nothing more exciting that a rich person, peeking into their life style and watching their secrets reveal slowly.

This film was brilliantly cast, there were many actors/actresses that I hadn't seen before, but I can imagine I am going to be seeing a lot more of them. Luckily all the actors for this Oxford set film were all English (thank God!).

The film was based around the prestige Russell University, Oxford. It followed the lives of 10 rich boys and 2 down to earth girls who showed the privileges and struggles of having money!
The film focused on the two main characters, Alistair Ryle and Miles Richards who know each other anyway due to them been paired by their teacher for their degree.

Miles took an interest into the down to earth, not so well spoken Lauren. As their relationship grew, so did Miles reputation as he was scouted by Hugo- Fraser Tyrwhitt for the famous 'Riot Club'.

The Riot Club allows the richest, most snobbiest, most smartest boys in the whole of the university. It is seen as an honour through out the film to be in this group, it portrays loyalty and honour as the key factors of been allowed in, or in serious cases, out of the club.

As well as Miles been scouted and put into the club so is Alistair, a boy who is driven by politics and the idea of been above everyone else because he is rich. The contrast between Miles and Alistair for me, is the main part of the film. Laura Wade (the writer) is trying to show the audience that although you can be filthy rich, you don't all have to be rude, obnoxious and selfish.

The Riot Club scouts the two 'new' boys because the club has to maintain 10 members, as the current 8 do not suffice for the expectations of this club.
Every year the club get together and have a lavish meal where they, eat, drink and spend a fortune.
The Riot Club all have one common interest...that money can buy anything.

The club make their way to their local country pub, they rent out a room, they all become ridiculously drunk and things start to spiral. Harry Villiers (one of the members of the club) 'orders' an escort, which he believes will have sex with them all. Only do the club find out escorts have changed a lot and that kind of behaviour and act will not be happening. After this incident, the whole film takes a turn. Alistair, who has had a problem with down to earth Miles since being partnered with him, texted Miles' girlfriend, Lauren, whom is from a lower social class than the rest of the boys. Later, Lauren arrives at the pub, only Miles says he didn't text her and she should go home. After Lauren relays the text and decides to stay (by the persuasion of the club),  she discover that the boys have ulterior motives and one of the boys decides to kiss her. Unfortunately, Miles along with the rest of the boys are extremely drunk. Miles is held back by the boys, whilst Toby Maitland continues to kiss Lauren.
Lauren leaves in an upset, distressing state, leaving Miles to believe their relationship is finished and the loyalty which he thought the club had, has diminished within seconds.

It will be no surprise to tell you things only get worse...

After drugs, food and drink, the boys start to slowly harass the pub owner. Alistair goes on a rant and explains how he is better than everyone and he's (quote) "sick to fucking death...of poor people".
The Riot club (coincidentally) cause a riot by trashing their banquet room.

Miles is sat, taken back by the clubs recklessness, regretting ever joining the thing in the first place.
The pub owner hears noise and follows it up, only does he regret it. Alistair begins to relay his thoughts of the pub owner, by getting in his face, practically harassing him. The pub owner gets punched by Alistair, and some of the other boys in the club. Things get out of control and after a while of this poor man been beaten, they find that he is unconscious and may in fact be dead.

Miles rings an ambulance and the boys begin to make a pact with one another not to say anything to the police.

After a night in jail, the boys leave and meet later on, talking about the options.
The idea is put forward that someone in the club should take one for the team, and come forward to the police about beating the pub owner.
It is decided Miles should as he was the one to call the police. Miles becomes scared and goes to Lauren, only she turns him away, leaving Miles defenceless.

The film is ended with the police knocking at Miles' door. Only at the beginning of the film, Miles and Alistair swap rooms because Alistair's stuck up parents wanted Alistair in the best room. After the confusion, the police collect the right boy.

After Alistair is arrested and is on trial, the head of Oxford decides not to expel the boys.
Guy Bellingfield is made the new president of the club and Miles decides to leave the club as it wasn't for him.

The boys are still rich.
Everyone around them is still poor.
And the Riot Club lives on.


Sunday, 21 December 2014

It's Becoming An Addiction ...

I think it's acceptable to say my shopping has become excessive and I can class myself as a 'shopaholic'.

It's not that I always buy high end products, most of them are from Boots or Superdrug. But that obviously doesn't excuse my purchases...but I mean things are so pretty and they need to be bought!

Weirdly, I don't/can't really use makeup wipes because they irritate my eyes because I have extremely sensitive skin! So I have to use makeup remover instead, but as strange as it sounds I have been trying to find the 'right' cotton pads to remove them with. I mean you can buy really cheap ones from anywhere but the product literally soaks the pad because they are so thin and the product floats in your eye and you're practically blind for the whole night...
But I recently bought these ones from boots which were I think, £1, so really not expensive. But they are double sided, which means they are so much more useful than those thin ones. I will say ONE problem, and that is that they are SO small! I usually use big ones but they are VERY big which does mean they last longer but they aren't thick enough. These ones however are so brilliant.
One side is a waffle pattern and the other is more of a scrub type pattern.

I really do enjoy good skin and body care, from body lotion to body wash; all of them entice me to the extreme and I saw this in Boots and the colour really drew me. It is such a gorgeous coral /orange colour and the smell is really sweet and strong but not too strong that it hurts your nose but the strong where the smell will last after you get out of the shower! I am still yet to try this but I know(hopefully) it will be as good as it smells! OOO...also it has little argon oil balls in it which I KNOW will make my skin super soft!

Now unfortunately, my lips get VERY dry, especially in winter and I really have to take care of them. My friend bought me a Bliss lip set a while ago and I gravitated towards the scrub, which let me just tell you is AMAZING! It leaves my lips SO smooth after I wash it off and you really don't have to use a lot, so it lasts a long time! My other friend bought me a lush set and inside was a jelly body wash, some bath putty (cool, I know) and a lip scrub. I have used Lush' lip scrubs before and they are VERY good and taste really good, even though you're not supposed to eat it...
The colour is beautiful and the texture isn't as smoothing as the bliss one but it does the same job as the bliss one and leaves my lips smelling nice!

I'm all about a creme eyeshadow, they are so incredibly good, long-lasting and easy to use. I can literally throw this on and blend with a MAC 217 brush and apply some mascara and I'm done for the day(obviously with foundation on as well...) . I bought this Bourjois creme eyeshadow and I have used it once under my usual MAC shades I wear on a day to day basis and it just makes my eyes look more glittery and adds a darker tone to the whole eye look; which is perfect for winter time! 

FINALLY, I've never really been into the whole 'highlighting under the eyes', getting the Kim Kardashian look- it has never interested me. But recently I have been obsessed with Amelia Liana (a youtuber and blogger) and she really enjoys highlighting, so I thought I'd give it a go. This concealer is very inexpensive so I thought I'd try this first before splashing out and buying a Nars Creamy concealer for example. I do really like it, the only thing is that the product is rather thin which makes it feel quite oily and greasy. But as long as I use a setting powder, it lasts pretty well. 


Sunday, 14 December 2014

November Novelties

Although I have moved house, revised a lot and had many exams; I have obviously had time to buy new things.

As you know, I love to read. I mean, I have many things going on at school so finding time to read is quite difficult for me. But I put homework aside because this book is honestly so gripping and enticing for me, I risk my education for a 'good read'.
The Maze Runner film has just been made and I promised myself I wouldn't watch it until I have read the book!
I will do a book review when I have finished the book, as I am only half way through it. But honestly, you NEED to read it even though I am only half way through it...oops!

Despite my age, I am definitely an old lady trapped inside a younger persons body. Seriously. My habits are like those of a 70 year old. My new love is the L'Occitane pillow spray. I bought it in America and I wish you could all smell this product because it has the most soothing smell in the world. The lavender makes you feel like you're in a spa treatment! 

Last Christmas, my mum bought me some Laura Mercier body cream, it is the best thing in the world and the smell is BEAUTIFUL! It lasts on your skin all day and night and you may still be able to smell it the next day, how amazing is that? I don't use it that often as it is around £50, which for some may be quite expensive but it is definitely worth divulging into buying because it is so long lasting and their is a lot of product in the packaging. I mean, it's nearly lasted me a whole year! 

I despise drying my hair sometimes, it really is an effort for someone like me who has a lot of hair despite it been short. My hair used to be very curly but as I used to hide it and straighten it a lot, my curls have turned into a beach wave which can sometimes turn from a 'hot beach wave' to a bushy mess. So this product really is a life saver. Again, it is quite expensive over in the UK but I bought mine in America at like $18 so that is very cheap, for me. 
But if you put this product in your hair from about half way downwards and scrunch it, it enhances the natural style of your hair. I put this product in when my hair is either wet or nearly dry. Although sometimes I put it in to make a messy pony tail, after all it is a salt spray. It can be rather sticky so I advice to not put it in your roots directly, but maybe on your hands then in your roots? But that's just for me! 

I love wearing lipstick, it can really pull a whole makeup look together. I'm not one to wear a bright colour, I'm more of a nude lover. So, I bought this YSL lipstick a couple of months ago and it is SO good. It is VERY matte and has a soufflĂ© sort of texture. It really is a very good product. It is a high-end brand so it is obviously going to be an expensive one. I think this was £27. 

So there goes another month! I probably won't be doing a December favourites because it is the month of Christmas(eek!) but I may do a Christmas haul type blogpost!