The Riot Club


It's hard to believe that there are people like this in the world.

I felt a sense of jealousy at the beginning of this movie. There is nothing more exciting that a rich person. Peeking into their life style and watching their secrets reveal slowly.

This film was brilliantly cast! There were many actors/actresses that I hadn't seen before, but I can imagine I am going to be seeing a lot more of them. Luckily all the actors for this Oxford set film were all English (thank God!).

The film was based around the prestige Russell University, Oxford. It followed the lives of 10 rich boys and 2 down to earth girls who showed the privileges and struggles of having money!
The film focused on the two main characters; Alistair Ryle and Miles Richards who know each other anyway due to them been paired by their teacher for their degree.

Miles took an interest into the down to earth, not so well spoken Lauren. As their relationship grew, so did Miles reputation as he was scouted by Hugo- Fraser Tyrwhitt for the famous 'Riot Club'.

The Riot Club allows the richest, most snobbiest, most smartest boys in the whole of the university. It is seen as an honour through out the film to be in this group. It portrays loyalty and honour as the key factors of being allowed in, or in serious cases, out of the club.

As well as Miles been scouted and put into the club- so is Alistair, a boy who is driven by politics and the idea of been above everyone else because he is rich. The contrast between Miles and Alistair for me, is the main part of the film. Laura Wade (the writer) is trying to show the audience that although you can be filthy rich, you don't all have to be rude, obnoxious and selfish.

The Riot Club scouts the two 'new' boys because the club has to maintain 10 members, as the current 8 do not suffice for the expectations of this club.
Every year the Club get together and have a lavish meal where they, eat, drink and spend a fortune.
The Riot Club all have one common can buy anything.

The club make their way to their local country pub, they rent out a room, they all become ridiculously drunk and things start to spiral. Harry Villiers (one of the members of the club) 'orders' an escort, which he believes will have sex with them all. Only do the club find out escorts have changed a lot and that kind of behaviour and act will not be happening. After this incident, the whole film takes a turn. Alistair, who has had a problem with down to earth Miles since being partnered with him, texted Miles' girlfriend, Lauren, whom is from a lower social class than the rest of the boys. Later, Lauren arrives at the pub, only Miles says he didn't text her and she should go home. After Lauren relays the text and decides to stay (by the persuasion of the club),  she discover that the boys have ulterior motives and one of the boys decides to kiss her. Unfortunately, Miles along with the rest of the boys are extremely drunk. Miles is held back by the boys, whilst Toby Maitland continues to kiss Lauren.
Lauren leaves in an upset, distressing state, leaving Miles to believe their relationship is finished and the loyalty which he thought the club had, has diminished within seconds.

It will be no surprise to tell you things only get worse...

After drugs, food and drink, the boys start to slowly harass the pub owner. Alistair goes on a rant and explains how he is better than everyone and he's (quote) "sick to fucking death...of poor people".
The Riot club (coincidentally) cause a riot by trashing the banquet room.

Miles is sat, taken back by the clubs recklessness, regretting ever joining the thing in the first place.
The pub owner hears noise and follows it up, only does he regret it. Alistair begins to relay his thoughts of the pub owner, by getting in his face, practically harassing him. The pub owner gets punched by Alistair, and some of the other boys in the club. Things get out of control and after a while of this poor man been beaten, they find that he is unconscious and may in fact be dead.

Miles rings an ambulance and the boys begin to make a pact with one another not to say anything to the police.

After a night in jail, the boys leave and meet later on, talking about the options.
The idea is put forward that someone in the club should take one for the team, and come forward to the police about beating the pub owner.
It is decided Miles should as he was the one to call the police. Miles becomes scared and goes to Lauren, only she turns him away, leaving Miles defenceless.

The film is ended with the police knocking at Miles' door. Only at the beginning of the film, Miles and Alistair swap rooms because Alistair's stuck up parents wanted Alistair in the best room. After the confusion, the police collect the right boy.

After Alistair is arrested and is on trial, the head of Oxford decides not to expel the boys.
Guy Bellingfield is made the new president of the club and Miles decides to leave the club as it wasn't for him.

The boys are still rich.
Everyone around them is still poor.
And the Riot Club lives on.



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