Sunday, 21 December 2014

It's Becoming An Addiction ...

I think it's acceptable to say my shopping has become excessive and I can class myself as a 'shopaholic'.

It's not that I always buy high end products, most of them are from Boots or Superdrug. But that obviously doesn't excuse my purchases...but I mean things are so pretty and they need to be bought!

Weirdly, I don't/can't really use makeup wipes because they irritate my eyes because I have extremely sensitive skin! So I have to use makeup remover instead, but as strange as it sounds I have been trying to find the 'right' cotton pads to remove them with. I mean you can buy really cheap ones from anywhere but the product literally soaks the pad because they are so thin and the product floats in your eye and you're practically blind for the whole night...
But I recently bought these ones from boots which were I think, £1, so really not expensive. But they are double sided, which means they are so much more useful than those thin ones. I will say ONE problem, and that is that they are SO small! I usually use big ones but they are VERY big which does mean they last longer but they aren't thick enough. These ones however are so brilliant.
One side is a waffle pattern and the other is more of a scrub type pattern.

I really do enjoy good skin and body care, from body lotion to body wash; all of them entice me to the extreme and I saw this in Boots and the colour really drew me. It is such a gorgeous coral /orange colour and the smell is really sweet and strong but not too strong that it hurts your nose but the strong where the smell will last after you get out of the shower! I am still yet to try this but I know(hopefully) it will be as good as it smells! OOO...also it has little argon oil balls in it which I KNOW will make my skin super soft!

Now unfortunately, my lips get VERY dry, especially in winter and I really have to take care of them. My friend bought me a Bliss lip set a while ago and I gravitated towards the scrub, which let me just tell you is AMAZING! It leaves my lips SO smooth after I wash it off and you really don't have to use a lot, so it lasts a long time! My other friend bought me a lush set and inside was a jelly body wash, some bath putty (cool, I know) and a lip scrub. I have used Lush' lip scrubs before and they are VERY good and taste really good, even though you're not supposed to eat it...
The colour is beautiful and the texture isn't as smoothing as the bliss one but it does the same job as the bliss one and leaves my lips smelling nice!

I'm all about a creme eyeshadow, they are so incredibly good, long-lasting and easy to use. I can literally throw this on and blend with a MAC 217 brush and apply some mascara and I'm done for the day(obviously with foundation on as well...) . I bought this Bourjois creme eyeshadow and I have used it once under my usual MAC shades I wear on a day to day basis and it just makes my eyes look more glittery and adds a darker tone to the whole eye look; which is perfect for winter time! 

FINALLY, I've never really been into the whole 'highlighting under the eyes', getting the Kim Kardashian look- it has never interested me. But recently I have been obsessed with Amelia Liana (a youtuber and blogger) and she really enjoys highlighting, so I thought I'd give it a go. This concealer is very inexpensive so I thought I'd try this first before splashing out and buying a Nars Creamy concealer for example. I do really like it, the only thing is that the product is rather thin which makes it feel quite oily and greasy. But as long as I use a setting powder, it lasts pretty well. 


Sunday, 14 December 2014

November Novelties

Although I have moved house, revised a lot and had many exams; I have obviously had time to buy new things.

As you know, I love to read. I mean, I have many things going on at school so finding time to read is quite difficult for me. But I put homework aside because this book is honestly so gripping and enticing for me, I risk my education for a 'good read'.
The Maze Runner film has just been made and I promised myself I wouldn't watch it until I have read the book!
I will do a book review when I have finished the book, as I am only half way through it. But honestly, you NEED to read it even though I am only half way through it...oops!

Despite my age, I am definitely an old lady trapped inside a younger persons body. Seriously. My habits are like those of a 70 year old. My new love is the L'Occitane pillow spray. I bought it in America and I wish you could all smell this product because it has the most soothing smell in the world. The lavender makes you feel like you're in a spa treatment! 

Last Christmas, my mum bought me some Laura Mercier body cream, it is the best thing in the world and the smell is BEAUTIFUL! It lasts on your skin all day and night and you may still be able to smell it the next day, how amazing is that? I don't use it that often as it is around £50, which for some may be quite expensive but it is definitely worth divulging into buying because it is so long lasting and their is a lot of product in the packaging. I mean, it's nearly lasted me a whole year! 

I despise drying my hair sometimes, it really is an effort for someone like me who has a lot of hair despite it been short. My hair used to be very curly but as I used to hide it and straighten it a lot, my curls have turned into a beach wave which can sometimes turn from a 'hot beach wave' to a bushy mess. So this product really is a life saver. Again, it is quite expensive over in the UK but I bought mine in America at like $18 so that is very cheap, for me. 
But if you put this product in your hair from about half way downwards and scrunch it, it enhances the natural style of your hair. I put this product in when my hair is either wet or nearly dry. Although sometimes I put it in to make a messy pony tail, after all it is a salt spray. It can be rather sticky so I advice to not put it in your roots directly, but maybe on your hands then in your roots? But that's just for me! 

I love wearing lipstick, it can really pull a whole makeup look together. I'm not one to wear a bright colour, I'm more of a nude lover. So, I bought this YSL lipstick a couple of months ago and it is SO good. It is VERY matte and has a soufflĂ© sort of texture. It really is a very good product. It is a high-end brand so it is obviously going to be an expensive one. I think this was £27. 

So there goes another month! I probably won't be doing a December favourites because it is the month of Christmas(eek!) but I may do a Christmas haul type blogpost! 


Sunday, 16 November 2014

The Giver

Reading isn't just reading for me, it isn't something I do just to make my vocabulary better or make me understand something. For me, a book is an outlet, a way to read and make yourself part of a book whether it be fictional or not. 

I recently read a book called 'The Giver' by Lois Lowry which has also been made into a motion picture. The book itself was rather good! I found that the characters were very well described and the lives of the characters were very well developed throughout the course of the book.

The book is about an 11 year old boy, Jonas who lives in a world where they have eliminated all pain, fear, hatred and war. It is a world where no hurt can come. It is a world where there is a strict routine with no one knowing any different. We as a human race know our age because we celebrate birthdays, but in this world they celebrate their birthdays with the whole of their community who share the same age. Everyone has the same birthday and everyone gets the same presents. The aim is to show that at each age you should get one thing that makes you grow as a person. Whether that be a bike at 9, because at 9 you are able to learn and teach yourself. Or at 6 when you get a button up cardigan instead of a jumper because it is a time where you are able to dress yourself without difficulty. 

To us that seems ridiculous that every child gets treated the same with the same rules and the same outcome. Although, when they reach 10 they are able to volunteer at different work places,  by volunteering they get to know what they like and dislike.

Not only do the society eliminate pain etc, they eliminate choice, at age 12,  the society decides what each 12 year old will do for the rest of their life. The society chooses this by observing the children when they volunteer in each work place. Their job is chosen based on their best abilities and interests. 

I think the main and most complicated part of this book is that there is a lot of hidden secrets in it. Instead of the way we know babies are made, a birthmother births them and then the baby is sent to the nurturing centre where they are looked after until they can be sent off to a family, but only when the baby is healthy enough. Jonas' dad works at the nurturing centre and is high up. There is a baby named Gabriel who is not getting healthy enough to be assigned to a family, so Jonas' dad takes Gabriel home to take extra care of him so that he can get better faster.

The ceremony for all twelves is coming up and Jonas is feeling especially nervous. Unlike all his other friends who get assigned to the nurturing centre or the old peoples home, Jonas gets given a special job...the highly honoured, receiver of memory. 

As all twelves disperse to their new jobs, Jonas goes to his where he is trained by someone who Jonas must call The Giver. The Giver is the present receiver and must train Jonas and give all memories to him. All Jonas has ever known is very quickly gone as The Giver shows Jonas what sun is and what colour is. For in the book nothing is described with colour, because no one sees it; only Jonas sees it, this is because he is special and this is why he got chosen to be the receiver. 

Early on in the book, people are described to be 'released' from their controlled community. The community except from The Giver and the society know what this really means. Jonas thinks little of this until The Giver shows how Jonas' dad 'releasing' children from been poorly or not healthy enough. Release means death. And now that Jonas is receiving and understanding what things mean, death is something that scares him. Anger is built, war is understood and so is pain. Finally Jonas is the Giver and Jonas must show everyone in his community what lays behind those walls which they live in. 

Jonas tries to stay quiet to his family,  as he knows his father is a murderer and no one can be trusted except The Giver and himself. 

Jonas and The Giver set up a plan to escape the community and find 'Elsewhere' which is what is beyond the wall of their community. In hope to safe his community he must go ahead with the plan early morning. Later, Jonas' father explains how Gabriel is been released the next day. In hope to safe Gabriel and his community, Jonas sets off earlier than planned with his dads bicycle and enough food for himself and Gabriel. After days Jonas and Gabriel enter lands with colour, animals and changing weather but also danger, exhaustion and hunger. After nearly freezing to death, Jonas transmits memories of warmth to baby Gabriel. In Jonas' first memory, The Giver showed Jonas snow and fun with a sledge on a mountain. Jonas goes up a mountain, and there he finds the ledge like in his first transmitted memory. 

Jonas and Gabriel go down the mountain on the sledge, and there both of them hear music and joy from a lit up village. And they know for sure, there is something down there waiting for them. 


The book was a good read, I do think the ending was a little rushed, seen as Jonas' and Gabriel's hunger etc were so dragged out. But I suppose we can't have everything in a book! 


Sunday, 9 November 2014

Well...That's More Money Spent.

Like always, I shop. A lot. And buy...a lot.
But these past 2 months I haven't bought loads like normal!

Some of my new goodies are things which I bought in America and can finally comment on them, as I have used them for long enough!


 This BiorĂ© cleanser is spectacular. It is very deep cleaning and is refreshing, so I use this on a morning!

It was only cheap in America and I love it!

On the way to America, my mum bought me a mini kit from Liz Earle. 
It had the usual 3 step cleansing products (cleanser, toner and moisturiser)
and then these 3 products that I had never used before! 
It is like an aeroplane travel kit for long hall flights! 

Soothing Eye Lotion

Treatment Mask

Daily Eye Repair Cream

I love reading as many of you may know from my book reviews. 
I've only read one out of the three books bought for me!

This book is the one I read! In a nutshell it was quite good!
I will be doing a review on this because it wasn't all good!
But more on that later...

Zara, Zara, Zara. 
It really does torture me this shop!
I got a very light, wearable light blue jumper!
It was rather cheap to say it is knitwear. 
Needless to say it is VERY comfortable. 
I style it with black jeans, hermes belt and my Zara boots (which were shown in recent blogpost)

I admire all the new stuff I have bought and I hope there are more goodies to come seen as Christmas is on its way oh so soon! 
There s definitely something about Christmas which excites me 
in the best possible way a person can be excited! 


Wednesday, 29 October 2014

It's Kind Of A Funny Story

Ned Vizzini himself stayed 5 days in an adult psychiatric unit in a Methodist Hospital in Brooklyn.

Knowing that the author has gone through most things described in this book makes you feel more relaxed when reading it. You know that you're not 'crazy' if you read and think...'I felt that' or even, 'I'm going through that'. Vizzini as an author makes you feel comfortable whilst reading this book, I never once felt uncomfortable whilst reading the tragic stories of what happened to some of the characters.

Let's talk about the front cover...

Even from this delightful art you can see the book is going to have a sense of confusion to it, a lot of routes and a lot of guidance.
Weirdly, the book itself is like a diary, the way it feels, the way it looks and how thick the book is, even though it is only a short novel. This for me created a way to relate to Vizzini. It felt like it was my story and I was re-reading it.

Craig, the main character admitted himself into mental hospital because he felt he wanted to commit suicide. Only does he realise when he gets there that maybe what he feels isn't nearly as bad as some of the other patients. He feels like his problems aren't worthy of been treated. Only later does he realise he was so wrong and that the help he got was in fact the best thing that could have happened to him.

With having constant pressure of his Dad and too much cotton wool wrapped around him by his mum he feels there is no way out. As Craig aces his way into an Executive Prep school he feels he has to keep up his standards constantly, never letting his guard down. It becomes too much and he faces many problems.

For me, the book shares two things, humour and sadness. Humour because well most of them are crazy and have many problems and the contrast between Craig and the other characters can at points in the book make you laugh. Sadness because there are some very touching stories which you may or may not relate to. But Vizzini tells us these stories in such ways where we can't help but take pity on a fictional character. But maybe they aren't fictional characters, maybe Vizzini just created different names for the people who he shared those 5 days with. Maybe this is real. And that's why I created such compassion for these characters...

Even though it is an intense book it is definitely still aimed for older teens. The book has romance, confusion and adventure. It is definitely one of those books that you could read over and over again still having the same emotion at the end which is a sense of freedom and happiness even though the book is filled with sadness and despair.

My three favourite quotes from the book. These are things that could inspire you, relate to you and encourage you in a good way:

"Its so hard to talk when you want to kill yourself. That's above and beyond everything else, and it's not a mental complaint-it's a physical thing, like it's physically hard to open your mouth and make the words come out. They don't come out smooth and in conjunction with your brain the way normal people's words do; they come out in chunks as if from a crushed-ice dispenser; you stumble on them as they gather behind your lower lip. So you just keep quiet."

"Things to do today:
1) Breathe in.
2) Breathe out."

"People are screwed up in this world. I'd rather be with someone screwed up and open about it than somebody perfect and ready to explode."


Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Autumn Antics.

I must admit my creativity is lacking, especially seen as bloggers are supposed to be up on the newest trends and always posting. My apologies, I must improve really!

Many things have been exciting me these last 2 months, many of which aren't actually object but apps or tv shows. 

Firstly, the Zara app. It is so efficient and really easy to use. This is my main high street shop where I buy my clothes because they are classy yet fashionable. It not only sucks me into buying their clothes but also helps me pair outfits together. My wish list is really just too much on this app.

Weirdly, I downloaded the OS X Yosemite for my Apple Laptop. I was a bit sceptical about it but turns out I love it! The layout is really modern and everything on the dock looks really fresh and tidy. 

Last month I had a little splurge and got myself some new boots, they weren't really even needed. But I fell in love with them and they are quite easily the best thing I have bought since summer in America. 

The sole of the shoe is really thick and I know it will take a while for them to wear out. 
The heel is quite fat and big as well so it gives me a bit of height, which is always needed for a girl at the unfortunate height of 5ft3. 

Before my sister went to University she kept buying me little things to remember her by! She bought me loads of lunches and food but also journals and books!
Although I admired all of them, the most loved is an A4 sparkly turquoise lined paper book.

Candle: French Connection 
Glasses: Armani 
Book: Paperchase 

I have been 'borrowing' a lot of my sisters jewellery whilst she has been at Uni and my favourite has been her Alexander McQueen bracelet. Even though I love my hermes bracelet and my tiffany's I do love this! It's a wearable thick bangle and it's lightweight. 

You always gotta have a candle on your favourites post, what is a blog without one? This one is a Jo Malone one, it smells so good. It really uplifts a room and the smell is strong but gives a light mist through out a room. 

Out of all the 22 TV shows I watch *oops*. I have really been loving Revenge. The acting is very high end and this season story line so far is really enticing. Every season to be honest has been really good and not with one bad/boring episode. 
My last favourite is yet another TV show. One of which is a bit freaky. A bit weird. And most definitely has something psychologically wrong with it. AMERICAN HORROR STORY! I started watching this last summer and I thought to myself, "no way can this be famous. I'm really weird for watching this." Turns out it has a massive audience, so the director must have done something right! The new season has just started and it is definitely the best one yet, although I really loved season 2: Asylum. 


Saturday, 30 August 2014

Moving Up A Year

"Hard times arouse an instinctive desire for authenticity" -Coco Chanel

I know school can be a hard time for everyone but whether you are going to college, university or simply moving up a year, you are always going to be in need of some essentials ...

A pore eraser or primer is essential for a long school day.
I personally LOVE the MAC Prep+Prime Primer

A light foundation or BB cream is perfect for school because, if like me you have to wear limited makeup both (light foundation/BB) are suitable for the job!

A concealer is probably the KEY step to a school makeup routine. It can brighten, cover and eliminate anything you want. If like me you sometimes want to have a more fresher face, cut out the foundation/BB and just go for a concealer. If I miss foundation/BB I like to have a brightening concealer and a covering concealer. 
LEFT: Rimmel Wake me up
RIGHT: Marc Jacobs Correcting Pen


Powder is ESSENTIAL for me because I have VERY oily skin. I usually use Rimmel's powder but this Maybelline one is more appropriate for school as it has an application already there to use.

BENEFIT BROW TINGS                    
 I have recently been into filling in my eyebrows. I usually just enhance the natural shape of my eyebrow, creating more of an arch to make my whole face look a bit more polished with the powder and a MAC 266 and then after, use the mini flat top brush in the compact with the waxy bit. This is perfect for travelling as well. The wax will make your eyebrows stay on for longer throughout your school day.

This next step is usually an and/or step. I usually apply a little of both, the bronzer to make my face looked naturally tanned and the blush to make my face have a natural flush. 
I'd advise to apply a cream blush, which in the photo above is the Smashbox one because it will stay on for longer. 
The 2 bronzers I have chosen are different in the sense the Maybelline one is much more pigmented than the Bourjois one.

Highlighter is a step I would usually miss but it can add an incredible glow which will last you the whole day. It also makes your makeup look very classy and polished. 
Obviously you don't have to wear makeup for school but this is if you would...


A hair brush is obviously a must for the day!

These Kleenex shine absorbing sheets are an alternative to powder. It reduces the shine by absorbing the oiliness from your skin. And these are also cheaper than a powder.

I think it goes without saying that an anti-bacterial hand gel is needed for school!

A lip balm through out the day can really help your lips from drying out, especially in the colder seasons!
 Hand cream can really help you just like lip balm can. There is nothing worse than having dry hands. TIP: moisturising your hands from a young age can help eliminate wrinkles. Moisturiser smoothes and softens your hands which will stretch out your skin more making you have less wrinkles when you're older.

 If you're like me and have a blazer the products on your right can all fit in my blazer but if not a little bag to put all the essentials in will be helpful through out the school year!


Water is very important! It keeps you hydrated and is good for your skin as well! Make sure you drink through the day at school and also when you get home to keep yourself refreshed and awake for after school activities and homework.

Lastly it is very important to balance your time. With having homework and the constant nagging of teachers 5 days a week, I think it is a good idea to take some time out, light a candle and relax!

"Education breeds confidence. Confidence breeds hope. Hope breeds peace."
           - Confucius