Friday, 25 July 2014

Magic In Kissimmee

A year ago I started saving for yet another trip to the famous Orlando Florida, not only that but I started waiting, with may I say extreme excitement to share the whole experience with my family. We decided to go to Florida to celebrate my older sisters 18th birthday! So here I share a few momentous of my trip:

Yes, I did share this photo all over my social networking sites which I use. 

So whether you want or need to know this, I'm just going to say it...I LOVE TRANSFORMERS! I knew there was a ride coming out and I knew I had to go on it to experience what it could be like to be a 'robot' or at least a life saver, which by the end of the ride let me just say, I most definitely was!


That's right the bus from Harry Potter...

The little Jamaican man was there as well, you could get your picture taken on the step of the bus. It was rather awesome!

The Hogwarts train was amazing, it took you from Universal to Islands of Adventure and it had almost like a screening in your booth that you sat in just like Harry, Hermione and Ron!

I was basically pretending that I was actually getting the train to Hogwarts because I am a wizard...Doesn't every fan do that though?

And here we are!!
It was rather funny that it was boiling but there was snow...

I decided to buy the unicorn from Despicable me.
I named her Agnes...

We went to the Cheesecake Factory for my sisters Birthday meal and needless to say I'm pretty sure she had a wonderful day!




Sad it was only a gift shop!

My Grandad seemed to enjoy it...

Another Harry Potter moment in Universal...

It looks like just another pointless white building amongst the others in Universal but wow I was so wrong..


The twins joke shop..

The Gringotts Bank..the dragon was not real but it breathed fire every hour if that makes it any better?
The ride was amazing but people were queuing 4-5 hours, it was so short I would definitely not advise you to cue for that long!

Next to the bank there was a mini walk through and it was one of the goblins doing 'bank work' and you could ask it questions. It was good and I bought a pin for my universal lanyard, which yes, I do collect...

My sister got 'chosen' in Ollivanders and just had to buy the wand, and there's me been over excited about the map you get with it!

Me and My Grandad on the Hogwarts train back to Universal!

Dr. Suess!

I LOVE Forrest Gump! So going to Bubba Gump was so exciting!

I LOVE Forrest Gump, but I also LOVE Stitch! And this Stitch was HUGE!!!

 My sister and myself really wanted to binge out on treats, it was raining at Magic Kingdom the day we went and obviously this made us feel better!


IHOP breakfast was THE BEST!

Can't not have a picture with your Grandad!

Me & my sister shared this brownie
Hard to see, but
we ate at the California Grill
and the view was of the Princess
Castle at Magic Kindgom and we
watched the fire works which were


The holiday was amazing and we all shared some more memories with each other that we will all definitely remember!