Monday, 23 June 2014

The Little Trip I Took To London

I have been on some spectacular trips in my life so far, but London was a completely different experience. From taking the tube day and night to pretending to be a high class barrister, it really couldn't have gone any better!

We arrived in Kings Cross Station, unfortunately not going to platform 9 and 3 quarters. But of course taking many selfie's with my friends to keep memories of our excitement. 


As soon as we got to the hotel we didn't have much time before we walked on the streets of London.

    "Not a model I promise"

We were lucky enough to have a tour in the BBC building, I didn't take many photos- I suppose you could say I was a bit excited...

   My friend Lizzie got the opportunity to pretend to be a news reporter, it's safe to say that she fit the role rather well.

I think we all definitely enjoyed the BBC

We went to see Les Mis, it was literally such an amazing show. The performance was totally on point, I couldn't list any faults with it; apart from it been a 3 hour show... Before the show we went to a little Chinese restaurant in China Town, then walked around to really grasp all types of people in London. 

Chelsea Stadium Grounds

We had a little break at Somerset House...

So because London Fashion Week is held here and I've visited it...
Does that make me Cara Delevingne?

The whole London group went to go see Women In Black, it was definitely not my favourite show...
I enjoyed it, but only because it was funny to watch everyone be so scared and tense!

 We went to Planet Hollywood and visited Trafalgar Square whilst on our way to the show!

Trafalgar Square 

After Women In Black... 

 My close friend Evita got in the spirit and dressed up as Women In Black...
Improvising with Talcum powder and eyeliner, I'd say it turned out well!



The visit to Parliament was a great success...

London really was a great experience that not only helped me decide where I might want be in 10 years, it was also a time to bond, share and create memories that I can reflect on in 10 years!