Monday, 3 February 2014

More Shopping, More Reviews

I admire buying new items and just trying them out. It gives me a sort of cathartic release, I know how sad. But I knew I was in need of some new foundation sooner or later and as usual I chose sooner. I decided to switch it up a bit from my usual Lancome.

I decided to purchase Estēe Lauder 'Double Wear' I can honestly say there is nothing inadequate about this foundation. It applies very thinly but gives a fabulous medium to full coverage. It dries matt on my face which I obviously take pleasure in admiring. I could even benefit from missing powdering over my 'T' zone, but I powder anyway for that extra 'flawless skin'. I would recommend this foundation 100%, it is one of the best foundations I have ever tried.

                                                                           Estēe Lauder Foundation 
in 1N2 ECRU

Still keeping on topic, the next product I bought was Maybelline's 'Dream Pure BB Cream'. I decided to get this because all the Beauty Guru YouTubers raved about it, especially Bethany Mota. I do like this, and it has a pleasing coverage. It says it is for oily skin, but honestly I still get quite oily. But I powder over it with Rimmels Powder and it stays matt for about 5 out of the 7 hours I am at school, and then I might if I am still oily powder over it so I don't look shiny. However, I am still in favour of this BB cream, one because it has a perfect light coverage for school and as well as that it doesn't break me out. I would recommend this BB Cream; Plus, a bonus is that it is so cheap! 
Maybelline BB Cream 

Going more onto smells, I have recently received some more of my beloved Alien perfume by Thierry Mugler. I have had this perfume twice before and it has the most amazing smell. As soon as you open the cap, you can smell it. The scent clings onto your clothes all day and does not leave. It is one of my favourite perfumes along with Izzy Miyake' L'Eau D'Issy, both have just an astonishing scent. I got the small bottle, but there is surprisingly so much in the bottle. It is the perfect travel size and with the masses of perfume I got at Christmas, I think the smaller version was the wiser choice. So thank you Auntie Dawn and Lesley for my belated Christmas Present!! 

Alien By Thierry Muggier

My last product is an older product I've being trying to review for the last month. And I can confirm I have taken a rather fondness to it. Of course it's another Mac lipstick. I love pinky nudes and nudes in general, I think they look very mature and classic. This lipstick is a pink based lipstick, it applies very soft. The only thing is, if you have chapped lips, the lipstick looks very 'snake skin' like in the cracks of your lips. So I advise you to apply some lip balm whilst doing your face makeup, so when you come to apply it your lips are very soft! It lasts for about 3 hours if you put enough on. 
TIP: Put lipgloss over the lipstick for it to last longer. 

MAC Lipstick in Satin 

I hope in the next following months...lets be honest, the next upcoming weeks I can buy some new goodies!