Saturday, 28 December 2013

A Little Look Into Christmas

DISCLAIMER: I am not showing off, I am merely sharing some of my presents. Obviously I love all my presents my family got me, but I can't show them all- so here are a few of my favourites! 

Firstly, I love skin care. Even though I don't have exquisite skin, I still like to treat my skin. I received this HUGE set of Temple Spa skin care goodies! 

In this Contains:
1. DRIFT AWAY bathing and massage oil 30ml
2. BE GONE kind-hearted cleansing lotion 30ml
3. BE STILL gentle moisturiser 15ml                                                              I honestly can't wait to use it all! 
4. BECALM soothing mask 15ml 
5. AAAHHH! soothing mask 15ml
6. TONING ESSENCE hydrating toner 30ml
7. BREAKFAST SMOOTHIE scrub/mask 20ml
8. REPOSE night cream 20ml
 P.S. I will do a review of this soon!


Next I got this gorgeous Hermes bracelet off my auntie, which I love!
 I love that it has this gold metal for one side of the wrist and the other is elastic in red. This for me makes it more of a dressier bracelet, yet still very casual.


I am lucky enough to have been spoilt by both my Mum and her Fiancé and my Dad and his Fiancé. Off my dad and his fiancé I got a tiffany bow bracelet...

I love this as it matches my infinity Tiffany bracelet. It is so delicate and elegant. The pearl type detailing makes it very classy but the bow gives it that 'cute' edge. I really do love this, and I can see it been a very staple piece of my jewellery collection.


Now, I have never been interested in expensive necklaces, except from owning my classic Tiffany necklace; Links has never been of interest to me. But when I got this necklace I thought it was so sweet and very adult like. I love how they aren't just plain circles, they have odd edges and I think that makes the necklace even more exceptional. 

I have been eyeing this product up ever since Tanya Burr mentioned it in her monthly favourites (you should check her out: I couldn't face paying £42 for a body lotion and questioning if the product would live up to what Tanya said about it. But needless to say my mother was on the ball and I got it for Christmas!! I can tell you now, it is the BEST body cream I have ever used, I will do a review on it soon. I have been using it for 3 days and it is spectacular!! The smell of it stays on you ALL day and it makes your body feel so refreshed and smooth. 


I was ever so lucky enough to get a MacBook Air laptop! It really is unreal! I got a Michael Kors case off my Auntie as well, which is perfect!


I got this gorgeous neon journal from Paperchase. I love journals with buckles on the front. I love journals and this one is just admirable!


 This Michael Kors purse if meticulous. It has a lot of room in the actual purse. The coin space isn't very secure as it doesn't have a zip. But it has a lot of card space. I love it as you could use it as a clutch or remove the handle and leave it as a purse.

  This Michael Kors handbag is so perfect. It has loads of space and I love the colour and tote style.


I would just like to thank my family and friends for a good year, despite a few bumps. 

“Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened.” 
- Dr. Suess


Saturday, 14 December 2013

Tribute: Nelson Mandela.

Nelson Mandela was one thing only; a saviour. 

I didn't know much about Nelson as a person, I didn't really have a thought of him. But saying that, there was one thing that I did when he died. I apologised in my head for not thinking of such a great man.

Some people say he was a terrorist, I don't think there is such a thing as terrorism. I think some people have their reasons to do what they do. I am not saying it is right; I am not saying Nelson did a bad thing nor a good thing. I'm trying to say, that he did what he thought was right. At that time, racism was such a strong weapon. Blacks were: used,  mistreated, embarrassed, violated.

In 1962 Nelson was put in jail for 27 years; in 1990 he was released. Later he became South Africa's first black president.

Suspected conspiracy and sabotage to overthrow the government? All I see is a man who stopped apartheid, racism and became a very well known man for doing so. He may have done wrong, and he may have carried that regret around with him, but his real followers are the ones who believed in him, dead or alive.

He wanted racism to stop and no one can deny it still does happen and it can ruin some peoples lives. But imagine if he...Nelson Mandela didn't stop it when he did.

I stand firm when I say he was the greatest man. He believed in so much and hope, the one tiny thing he held onto all those years helped him become the dignified aloof man he was.

 RIP Nelson Mandela.