Sunday, 22 September 2013

Love, Buy & Admire

Through out a year, you always love so many things and so many things stand out to you. But to narrow that down, out of a whole year is hard! So why not love, buy and admire things monthly? 


- Chanel duo palet 
    Colour 20 Taupe 

I have loved this palet, the colour 'Délicat' has all gone now; but needless to say I think the taupe will be soon. Seen as I have rather thin eyebrows, they are a decent shape- but just a little sparse. By filling them in, it shapes my whole face more, and makes them look much more fuller. I apply this with a MAC 266, and because it is small enough, you can be more precise with your strokes onto your brow. 

    - Simple eye make- up remover 

I have such sensitive eyes, and makeup wipes can really irritate my eyes sometimes. But this product really soothes them as well as takes off my eye make-up. It is very thin, and cold- so when you take off your eyes won't become 'puffy'. I sometimes use makeup wipes(Kleenex EYE make- up removing wipes) but if I use them everyday, my eyes start to become very dry and very red in the outer corner of my eye. So this product has really saved me from looking like a complete mess. I apply a decent amount onto a cotton pad(the Kleenex pads are amazing- they're amazing quality!) and place it on my eye- rubbing it slightly; most of the product just falls off with the first amount of the product. Sometimes it's just worth adding a little more onto the cotton pad, to make sure your makeup is all off. 

    - MAC liquid liner in RAPIDBLACK 

I have been inspired by many celebrities lately to wear some liquid liner, such as; 
- Holland Roden
- Lana Del Ray 
- Kylie Jenner
- Lily Collins 
    - Holland Roden 
   - Lily Collins 

It opens up the eye as well as making the eye look more feminine! I love carrying out the liner a little, creating a cat-eye look. Celebrities such as Lily Collins doesn't always wear a winged out look, but seems to wear a nice thick line, close to the lash line; this making her eye look so much larger. Holland Roden been such an admirer of the 60's, obviously loving to create the classic 60's eye look(which I personally ADORE!) 

   - vitamin stick flavoured lip balm 
        - Flavour GRAPE 

 In winter my lips get SO dry, and sometimes Vaseline just makes them greasy! I find a flavoured lip balm doesn't just make your lips smell nice but they are normally really nourishing!  
This one is unbelievably smooth, and even though it is rather large- it is compact size and the SPF is 20, so it's definitely a holiday essential!(I do advise an SPF lip balm, when you go on holiday). 
This lip balm seems to stay on my lips for so long, which is really handy- then I don't have to keep constantly applying it! A lot of celebs like to keep it very natural and chilled with a lip balm or even a nude lip! People like; 
- Hayden Panettiere 
- Gwyneth Paltrow 
- Mila Kunis 
    - Hayden Panettiere. 
    - Gwyneth Paltrow 
    - Mila Kunis 

These have been my favourite 4 products in my summer break!