Wednesday, 5 June 2013

A Page Out Of My New York City Experience

In 2012, I was lucky enough to go to NEW YORK CITY again. I previously went in 2010 for Christmas day with my mum,dad,older sister and myself. It was amazing, and a wonderful opportunity to experience at my age. Unfortunately my parents divorced in 2011, this meant that in 2012 I went with some very new faces, my dad, his girlfriend, her children- Ellie and Will and my older Sister, Ollivia. I had previously gone to America, Florida with them in the Summer. My sister didn't come with me to that, due to not feeling like she knew my dads new partner and children. I, on the other hand had more times spent with them. It was a big step for me, even though I had my dad there, it was scary. I felt at home though and pretty quickly felt comfortable in my new environment with my new family.

My sister came to the New York Trip, and we all enjoyed it so much! We flew from Gatwick Airport. My dads girlfriends children, had never been to New York, so it was amazing to get to talk to them about all the wonderful sites and experiences they will have. We arrived to a lovely white stretched Limo. 
(Again, I just want to say, I am not showing off or trying to make anyone jealous- I just want to show you what I did in New York). 

White Limo, that drove us to our hotel.
The Christmas Tree In the Lobby. 

When we arrived at our Hotel, we were all astonished! A lot of memories were brought back for my sister and myself! And obviously Ellie and Will, were just memorised by everything around them. Our hotel 'Affinia' was really beautiful, it was very friendly and just homely. It was a week before Christmas Day, so the hotel was everything Christmas; which put us in a good mood, every minute of the day.  

Olliva and myself. 

Grand Central. 
 On our first day, we did a lot. We only had 5 days, to fit the whole of New York in. A lot of selfies were took, as well as beautiful sights. We went to Grand Central the first day, and we did other things as well, all of which I can't remember so clearly- we did SO much in ONE day!

                                                                                We had a lovely lunch in Michael Jordan's Steak House restaurant. I personally enjoyed it. Except from the service was a little slow, but it was very busy, so that's understandable.
Ellie and myself!
Starbucks and Bagel!

We normally had   the joys of eating Starbucks everyday! 

I normally had a Latte, or a Naked with a New York Bagel!


Later in the trip, we went on an Open Top Bus, which was the perfect way to see all the necessary sights that would be too much in a taxi but too much of a walk. You got some good information from the tour guides on the buses, and everything was straight forward and precise. 

Also on the open top bus, we visited where the Twin Towers was. Even though I am not an American citizen, I still felt very emotional, it felt really weird and the building that is now been built here, are going to be the new 'Twin Towers' they are VERY tall. The matching tower is further away than expected, it is probably a 2 minute walk diagonally across. The little church on the right, is probably the best sight I saw, it was so beautiful inside, and felt peaceful and pure. The grounds were gorgeous, the inside of the tiny church was very misleading, because the outside looked so small, but the inside was white and large. It was the first time I saw the church, and Ellie and myself took ourselves over the road to see this, as everybody  else had gone into the Twin Towers memorial museum. I felt it was too upsetting to go inside, but my sister told me it was lovely, and it was very respectful in there.

I also went to see Rock of Ages stage show which was phenomenal! I love the movie. I am a big fan of stage shows, so to see Rock of Ages was a really amazing experience I got to have. I would definitely recommend  the musical.  I would strongly advice you to decide the correct age group to take, as it is a little raunchy.

A lot of shopping took place, especially in Sephora- which is a large makeup department store.

Empire State Building
- taken by myself. 

 My holiday to New York was astonishing. I am very lucky for my experiences so far in my life, and to have the privilege of going to New York for a second time is definitely something I can tick of my wish list.