Sunday, 14 December 2014

November Novelties

Although I have moved house, revised a lot and had many exams; I have obviously had time to buy new things.

As you know, I love to read. I mean, I have many things going on at school so finding time to read is quite difficult for me. But I put homework aside because this book is honestly so gripping and enticing for me, I risk my education for a 'good read'.
The Maze Runner film has just been made and I promised myself I wouldn't watch it until I have read the book!
I will do a book review when I have finished the book, as I am only half way through it. But honestly, you NEED to read it even though I am only half way through it...oops!

Despite my age, I am definitely an old lady trapped inside a younger persons body. Seriously. My habits are like those of a 70 year old. My new love is the L'Occitane pillow spray. I bought it in America and I wish you could all smell this product because it has the most soothing smell in the world. The lavender makes you feel like you're in a spa treatment! 

Last Christmas, my mum bought me some Laura Mercier body cream, it is the best thing in the world and the smell is BEAUTIFUL! It lasts on your skin all day and night and you may still be able to smell it the next day, how amazing is that? I don't use it that often as it is around £50, which for some may be quite expensive but it is definitely worth divulging into buying because it is so long lasting and their is a lot of product in the packaging. I mean, it's nearly lasted me a whole year! 

I despise drying my hair sometimes, it really is an effort for someone like me who has a lot of hair despite it been short. My hair used to be very curly but as I used to hide it and straighten it a lot, my curls have turned into a beach wave which can sometimes turn from a 'hot beach wave' to a bushy mess. So this product really is a life saver. Again, it is quite expensive over in the UK but I bought mine in America at like $18 so that is very cheap, for me. 
But if you put this product in your hair from about half way downwards and scrunch it, it enhances the natural style of your hair. I put this product in when my hair is either wet or nearly dry. Although sometimes I put it in to make a messy pony tail, after all it is a salt spray. It can be rather sticky so I advice to not put it in your roots directly, but maybe on your hands then in your roots? But that's just for me! 

I love wearing lipstick, it can really pull a whole makeup look together. I'm not one to wear a bright colour, I'm more of a nude lover. So, I bought this YSL lipstick a couple of months ago and it is SO good. It is VERY matte and has a soufflĂ© sort of texture. It really is a very good product. It is a high-end brand so it is obviously going to be an expensive one. I think this was £27. 

So there goes another month! I probably won't be doing a December favourites because it is the month of Christmas(eek!) but I may do a Christmas haul type blogpost! 


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