Monday, 3 March 2014

My Skin Care Routine


Firstly on a morning I like to scrub my face, I think it is a good way to revitalise your face from previously sleeping. It makes your face look more fresh and awake. The scrub I like to use is St Ives...

If I don't scrub on a morning I may just splash some warm water on my face, I think face wash is a little bit drying for the morning especially if I am going to wear makeup.

After using St. Ives, I will apply my beloved Liz Earle moisturiser. It is honestly spectacular, it really hydrates the skin and doesn't leave your skin with that awful oily feeling.

The good thing about this moisturiser is that a little goes a long way, which makes the moisturiser last longer.


On a night I like to remove my eye makeup first with a makeup wipe. I have really sensitive eyes so I really have to be careful with makeup wipes that they don't irritate underneath my eyes. I used to use eye makeup remover but it can have a tendency to make my eyes water! I have recently being using St. Ives cleansing wipes, they take my eye makeup away really easily and are delicate on my eyes, leaving me with NO red marks or irritations!

After taking my eye makeup off, I like to run some hot water and apply around a pea sized amount of Liz Earle Cleanser and massage it in. I wash it off and pat dry my face with a towel. 

I then take a face wash, recently I either being using Elemis or Formula by Marks & Spencers, I do this step to make sure all my makeup is off and I have a makeup free face for bed!

I do prefer the Formula one as it isn't as drying, but the Elemis one seems to do more of  a deep clean. 

I may every other week treat my skin to a face mask, after my face wash step. I really like the packeted face masks from Superdrug or Boots. They are super cheap and do the job just fine. I would advise not to put a face mask on your face every night because it can bring you out in blemishes!

After this step I then follow it up with moisturiser. I will either use Liz Earle or L'Occotaine. 

The L'Occotaine moisturiser is much thicker, I use this if I want to have a really nourishing feel. If I want a lighter moisturiser for bed, I will use the Liz Earle moisturiser


Before I go to sleep, I like to apply a blemish cream to try and gradually get rid of my blemishes. I use Clinique's Anti- blemish solution. 

 I know my face routine is really complicated and some may think not necessary, but it works for me!


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