Tuesday, 22 October 2013

So Many New Things To Admire...

So many things in the world, and we have to limit them to have 'favourites'. Here are some of my October favourites! 

First, my bath and body works candle! It is only a small one, but it is such a divine scent! I'm not too sure about sweet scented candles- but the spice candles are definitely a YES! 
'Farmstand Apple' is definitely one of my favourites candles I have ever owned! It smells really strong in the candle itself but the smell is much more diluted when you burn it! 
    - Bath&Body works 
       'Farmstand Apple' 
   (Shame I've nearly used it all!) 

I have always loved jewellery, but except from the odd few rings or necklaces from the high street- I prefer more expensive jewellery, as it lasts much longer and has a better quality! My mum and her boyfriend recently went to Las Vegas, and as one of my 'treats' I got a Michael Kors bracelet! It is very wearable, and goes with pretty much anything! Seen as it's silver, I wouldn't advise to pair it with a gold watch, BUT... it wouldn't look 'bad' with a gold watch- just a personal opinion! 

    - Michael Kors Bracelet
     (The leather straps adjust to fit your                

Unfortunately, I wasn't born with unbelievably amazing cheekbones, I have (unfortunely- very unfortunely) a bit of a chubby face. But with the power of bronzer and this PHENOMENAL makeup brush. I can contour my cheeks, making me look like a part of the Kardashians family! 

    - Real Techniques, Contour Brush

I can only thank Sam Chapman for creating the amazing brushes and Tanya Burr, for convincing me to buy the brushes over her YouTube channel!(maybe a few too many)
    -Sam Chapman

    -Tanya Burr 

People like...  
   -Khloe Kardashian Contoured Cheeks

I wasn't blessed with unbelievably clear skin. I've suffered with mild acne, and tried so many creams. But seen as I have uncontrollable dry skin, the creams would dry my skin out! So with the power of products like, Liz Earle, my skin has improved a lot! Lately my skin hasn't been at it's greatest- but I have been recently using a range called 'Temple Spa' which isn't the cheapest, but the products don't half make a difference to your skin. 
I found that they have an instant effect on the skin, which is very reassuring! (I will do a full blog post and review the products once I have tried them all out) 

The first product is a scrub type product, to feel it's like a very thin scrub, but application wise, it's surprisingly smooth! 
    - Temple Spa, 'In The Beginning'

The next product looks like a mask, but it's probably the most unique product I have ever used. It brings your spots to the surface! And I can tell you it works, VERY well! It isn't the best consistency, but it does the job and it is a definite product worth paying for. 
   - Temple Spa 'Purification'

People like... 
The Jenner sisters (Kendell&Kylie) who have phenomenal skin.

As well as...

    - Selena Gomez


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